Braselton Engagement | Olivia + Mitchell

You’re about to look at the engagement photos from one of my very best friends and one of my truest soul-sisters. But this post isn’t about me and how blessed I am to have a friend like Olivia. This post is about Olivia and her incredible groom-to-be, Mitchell. Earlier today I completed the edit for Olivia’s bridal shoot (which reminded me I haven’t shared their incredible engagement photos), as her marriage to the man of her dreams begins in just under ten days. I could not be more excited to share these engagement photos with you, but I’m even more pumped for their journey through life together. Olivia and Mitchell live their lives for the Lord, and it’s so very present in the way they treat other people. So naturally when you have a romantic relationship the way Jesus asks us to, it’s no wonder why everyone gravitates towards hanging out with Olivia and Mitchell. You’ll be able to see just a glimpse of this selfless love in their pictures below. I’m honored to have you both as friends. I look forward to the life the Lord leads you through. Thank you guys for being awesome people, I cannot wait to party into the night with you guys as you celebrate becoming husband and wifey =)

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That’s my cute husband photo-bombing. He’s the cutest assistant I know 😉

Chandler_142 Chandler_148 Chandler_149-1 Chandler_155-1 Chandler_157 Chandler_159 Chandler_161-1

3 thoughts on “Braselton Engagement | Olivia + Mitchell

  • The black and white portrait with the tight crop (#25) is UH-mazing! Beautiful stuff girl.

  • Olivia Chandler

    July 8, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    Oh my gosh all the happy tears! Thank you for taking such beautiful pictures Tiffany!! We are so grateful for you!!

  • Tiffany you did an amazing job with these pictures. I look forward to seeing more wedding pictures.

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