Out of town guests – Four cousins!


My aunt and uncle were recently in town and they wanted to do a photoshoot of their four granddaughters. They have four grandDAUGHTERS. These girls are pretty special, it seems they’ve all been the best of friends since each other was born, even though two of them live in Maryland and two of them live in Georgia. All four of these young ladies are intelligent, bright and have incredible futures ahead of them. It was a pleasure to photograph them all together, and individually. It’s great to see four cousins, who don’t have to like each other, truly love each other. I think as they get older, they’ll realize more and more how special their four-some is.I look forward to how they grow and mature and see who they will be come as teenagers and adults.

To my aunt and uncle, if you read this. You are truly special in my life. Congratulations on your 47th wedding anniversary this year!! You’re an inspiration to us all, and I’m so honored to be your niece, and your ‘adoptive God-daughter.’ 😉
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