Halloween Newborn | Meet Vincent

Oh my goodness. Let me emphasize, OH MY GOODNESS. First of all you need to know that I LOVE Halloween. Seriously, it’s just the most fun holiday. Without being religious or specific to this culture or another, Halloween is just FUN. So, when Mike told me we had a newborn session coming up and she had some Halloween Ideas, I was ecstatic. Newborns are not normally something I jump at the chance to photograph. At this stage in my life, I just connect better with toddlers and kids. Maybe a little later when I have kids on my own, newborns will be my thing πŸ˜‰ But anyway, I’m super proud of these images of Vincent. Β He’s got two older brothers who a bundle of energy and fun. They’re gonna be a sweet set of three when Vincent’s just a little bit older. In the meantime, please enjoy these fleeting moments captured. And try not to squeal too loudly when you see the image of Vincent in the witch’s cauldron. πŸ™‚

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