Ina and Jeff’s Wedding | Glen Ella Springs

Oh my goodness, when do weddings stop melting your heart? I hope never. I loved being a part of Ina and Jeff’s wedding. Ina and Jeff have been together since high school, but have never done life ‘by the norm.’ Then, one unsuspecting day why they were visiting in Ireland, Jeff proposed to Ina. She of course said yes, since they had already done more than 20 years together =)

Fast forward a few months to their adorable intimate wedding at Glen Ella Springs in North Georgia. There were sweet tender moments between Ina and her dad, great laughter between her and her best friend Allison, and oh yeah, a bagpiper.

The weather was perfect, the stars had aligned and they danced the night away under the supermoon. Here are a few pictures from their special day =) To see more of the wedding and how Mike and I complement each other’s shooting style, please check out their blog on Moreland Photography.

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