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Guys. Let me show you some pictures from the most entertaining bride and groom of the year. Normally, a bride and groom are so kind, and super sweet and stuff like that. But Jeff and Jill are cut of a different cloth. They were stinking hillarious . There were many times throughout the day, I was not clicking, instead just laughing so hard. Too entirely hard. Man, not to mention their comedy, they were also super nice. We started the shoot with the cows. Well actually, with Jill’s dress at the ceremony site, but the cows were stealing the main event. After we took a few pictures of the cows, Mike and I split up, I photographed Jill getting ready, Mike photographed Jeff’s portraits.

Jill’s niece is the cutest, playing hide and go seek under Jill’s dress. A short jaunt up the enormous hill and we did a first look for Jeff and Jill. I just can’t really explain how much joy seeing them together made me. My husband and I love to just make jokes and be weird with one another (and we assume most couples do this, just not in public) but Jill and Jeff are truly free. They are so much best friends, you can easily tell why they’re getting married.

Into the ceremony, things were both sentimental with the occasional comedic relief, because we can’t be too serious right? We took a few more bride and groom pictures, before headed to part one of their reception. They were having a bigger reception with their friends a few days later. Their ceremony and reception were reserved strictly for family and just the closest of friends. They had a huge barbeque with lawn games Jeff and Jill handmade, including Cornhole, giant dice, giant Connect4, and a giant version of that game where you pull out all the sticks and replace them so the marbles don’t fall, except they had water balloons! Congratulations Jeff and Jill, and truly a big thank you for choosing us to photograph your wedding.

To see the whole wedding please visit the blog at Moreland Photography.

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