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I think blogging is such a funny thing. For website ranking purposes, and for social media likes, all the research tells you to be honest, show that you’re human; but also to have a streamline look, to plan your posts so everything looks perfect. I think this is too much to ask for. If I’m honest, I have one incredible husband who supports me, my passion for photography, and the direction it’s taken me so far as well as where it could take me going forward. So I will write what’s on my heart, maybe you’ll hire me, maybe you won’t. But I get to take pictures for a living and it’s the best.

As long as we’re being honest, I don’t know how to write this blog post, because it’s incredibly dear to my heart. Not to say that all blog posts previous to this aren’t dear to my heart, but this one is different. Kellee has been an amazing friend to me since High School; we’ve been by each other’s side through thick and thin, growing close and apart, and closer again. She’s also my first really close friend to have a baby! She and her sweet little family live a little further away than I’d like, so being a part of the whole process of pregnancy and birth I haven’t really been there. But I’ve been a better friend of more recently, seeing her and Kole at least once or twice a month. And I am so honored she’s helped me meet up with her. I have loved watching Kole grow. From such a tiny infant, to this fast moving one year old, this past year has been a wild ride, as I’m sure Kellee would say I have no idea =)

Since birth, Kole has been the happiest baby I’ve even known. Hardly ever fussy, and always the smiles. He never cared who he was getting passed around to, he was just happy. So when it came to his one-year pictures, I thought I had it in the bag. Well, Murphy showed up! Poor little Kole wasn’t feeling well, was teething something major, and to top it all off, was having issues with people wearing hats, and my husband and I both showed up wearing hats.

Regardless, we set out to get some cute pictures of Kole, we all stepped up to the challenge and had a great time! Kole eventually lightened up and showed a few smiles =) Isn’t it funny how the happiest baby, was the most crankiest on the day of his photoshoot? 😉 I look forward to the next year little man, can’t wait to hear you say Aunt Tiff.

Meet the Brownings, on Kole’s first birthday!

My cute assistant, coffee in tow:

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