Olivia’s Bridal

This girl. This girl has been my friend since college orientation. She is a rock that you can always count on. She embodies joy more than anyone I’ve ever met. She handles battles with grace and optimism. She is amazing. She’s also getting married! To someone who meets her needs, excels them, challenges her and brings her laughter and peace. I cannot wait for their wedding this July, but first, I encouraged Olivia to have a bridal session done. Honestly, you only wear the dress once, so why not wear it more than once and have it photographed?

All her life Olivia has done ballet. In college we would do many photoshoots together, me the photographer, Olivia the amazing dancer model. So when it came time for her bridal portraits, we were brainstorming what we should do, if we should do anything ‘different.’ Naturally, the Instagram NYCdanceproject came to mind. (check them out, they are awesome). So we thought we’d create our own version! We headed to the studio with our bestie, Nisha, to play with lighting and push Olivia’s wedding dress to it’s limit.

I thought we should start off with some traditional outdoor portraits since that is my strength, before we went inside for the studio setting. Olivia was glowing. The grow was pretty wet and squishy from a few days of rain, so we had to tread carefully. Afterwards we went inside to work on the dancing bridal portraits.

I’m so glad we did this for several reasons. First off, life changes when you get married. Your ‘you’ time looks different, your ‘friends’ time looks different as well. (not necessarily a bad different! Just not the same as college life). This was a really special time to me as I got to spend some quality hours with Olivia and Nisha talking, goofing off, and capturing some really great times. Secondly, I got to practice a type of photography that doesn’t truly light my fire. Thirdly, I was pretty surprised at the outcome. This is not because I doubted Olivia’s ease in front of the camera, she’s a natural at that. I was surprised at the outcome of my photography skills. It’s always a little different when you’re photographing your family, or close friends. I mean, what if you have a bad day and seriously disappoint? What if you have a really good day, but its ‘just not what they were hoping for.’

Olivia, my dear friend, you are a beautiful bride. Today, at your wedding, and always. Thank you for being such a an incredible friend to me. Thank you for following Christ, the aspirations of your heart, and choosing joy. You are loved.

(p.s. capturing dancing studio shoots are SO hard. I’m extremely pleased with this outcome, and have tremendous respect for the dancers of the NYCdanceproject)

olivia_bridal_002 olivia_bridal_004-2 olivia_bridal_010 olivia_bridal_011 olivia_bridal_015 olivia_bridal_025 olivia_bridal_031 olivia_bridal_034 olivia_bridal_040-1 olivia_bridal_052-1-1 olivia_bridal_062 olivia_bridal_074-1-1 olivia_bridal_075-1 olivia_bridal_079 olivia_bridal_086-1-1 olivia_bridal_087-1-1 olivia_bridal_090-1 olivia_bridal_093-1 olivia_bridal_103-1-1

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